Momenti is the world’s first super-premium alcohol infused ice-cream. Since 2013, our delectable idea has grown into a business that is now the Momenti brand. We’ve tirelessly sourced the best natural ingredients, received accolades from major ice cream makers, and continued to innovate. We plan on sharing our delightful and innovative flavors nationwide. Thanks to our 2000 sq ft automated factory, we are ready to take on the market with you. Take a look at the services, unique products, and several different product lines Momenti can provide to support your business in offering quality and exciting products:

As our business solutions we currently offer:

  • 16 pack 8 oz Momenti or custom branded cups, minimum 500 cup order
  • Alcohol and Non-Alcohol Premium Ice Cream Flavors

Caterers and Restauranteurs

No event is too big for Momenti. Add that extra touch of fun and sophistication as well as a valuable addition to your bottom line. Serve a scoop of spirited ice cream alone or with creative and complimentary dessert pairings with a scoop of super premium ice cream. We sell our flavors in 5l gelato tubs, 2 per box.*

Momenti can also offer catered scoop cart service to select events.

Conventions and Marketers

blank-4oz-cup Momenti works with a local cup manufacturer capable of stunning full color branding. At a 1000 cup minimum make your client the talk of the town by offering any Momenti flavor or Premium non-branded chocolate or vanilla 8oz cup at their booth or marketing event.

Co-packing and Private Label production

For the enterprising ice cream maker without facilities of their own, Momenti Spirits can co-pack your non-alcohol products, with a capacity of up to 2 pallets (4200 pints) a day. We can offer traditional pints and 8 oz single serving cups so you can get to the market sooner. Contact us to schedule a factory tour or to inquire about copacking.

For the wine or spirits maker that would like to offer their own flavor, Momenti will be happy to work with you to manufacture your Private label product. **

*caterer must have proof of a recent alcohol re-sellers license to buy from Momenti or an authorized Momenti distributor where applicable
** privately labeled products required to call out Momenti as manufacturer

Contact Us contains delicious spirited ice cream and you must be 21 years old to enter!

Momenti Spirited Ice Creams is committed to providing its super-premium alcohol-infused ice cream and sorbet products to adults 21 years of age and older. Through corporate social responsibility efforts, Momenti follows federal and state laws and regulations, working in conjunction with employees, distributors, retailers, federal and state officials and consumers to ensure our products are properly labeled, distributed and displayed. As a community partner, Momenti recognizes its obligation to endeavor to take steps to ensure Momenti ice creams and sorbets are enjoyed by age-appropriate adults in a responsible manner.