All Natural, Real Flavors – Extraordinarily Delicious!

Momenti spirited ice creams and sorbets are made with natural ingredients, and infused with top-shelf liquors. We pride ourselves on our obsession with procuring the finest ingredients and hand-craft our spirited ice creams and sorbets in small batches, ensuring the best flavor possible.

Champagne Strawberry Sorbet


For every celebration, our sorbet compliments any dessert. The bubbly will warm your heart while the cool strawberries ‘tickle your taste buds!”

Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet


The perfect treat for wine lovers, our sorbet is imbued with blackberries for a smooth and refreshing finish. Enjoy this fruit of the vine by itself or pair it with a matched dessert. Cheers!

Limoncello Sorbet


Juicy, sun-ripened organic Meyer lemons blended with handcrafted limoncello create a tantalizing treat —perfect for a warm day or a hot night. You will be enchanted by this zesty creation long after savoring the last spoonful!

White Russian Pecan


Melt your cares away when you indulge in our bold symphony of vodka and luscious coffee cream liqueur balanced with notes of toasted pecans. You’ll definitely abide!

Vanilla Vodka Cookies & Cream


Infused vodka 
with Madagascar vanilla beans creating a taste fit for 
your sophisticated palate. Add plentiful chocolate and cream cookie chunks in our adult version of “Cookies and Cream!”

Chocotini Chip


Delight yourself with a doubly delicious combination: vodka and chocolate. A vodka base with rich, organic fair trade dark chocolate and premium cacao chips. Delectable!

My inspirational moment came from pairing ice cream and alcohol to surprise and delight friends. This led to the idea for a business that creates happiness while giving back to the greater good. Over time, I’ve perfected handcrafted ice creams and sorbets featuring craft liqueurs that emphasize delicious ingredients and all-natural flavors. I hope we can inspire a better community and improve the lives of others together.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me.

Leif Pearson


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Momenti Spirited Ice Creams is committed to providing its super-premium alcohol-infused ice cream and sorbet products to adults 21 years of age and older. Through corporate social responsibility efforts, Momenti follows federal and state laws and regulations, working in conjunction with employees, distributors, retailers, federal and state officials and consumers to ensure our products are properly labeled, distributed and displayed. As a community partner, Momenti recognizes its obligation to endeavor to take steps to ensure Momenti ice creams and sorbets are enjoyed by age-appropriate adults in a responsible manner.